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County Durham Young Carers Charter

Family Action: The Bridge Young Carers Services have developed the 'High 5 to Health Principles' for their work with young carers to help keep them safe and healthy. The County Durham Young Carers Charter helps support young carers to achieve these goals.

The High 5 to Health Principles are:

  • be you!
  • be healthy!
  • be strong!
  • be safe!
  • be a voice!

The aim is to get as many organisations, schools and colleges across County Durham to sign up to the Young Carers Charter, ensuring there is 'no wrong door' for young carers to ask for support.

About the Young Carers Charter

By working with organisations, schools, colleges and adult services, the Young Carers Charter can increase the support and services for young carers across County Durham. 

Young Carers Charter - Accredited Providers (PDF, 117kb)

How an organisation benefits

With charter status, you are showcasing your commitment to supporting a vulnerable group within your community. The charter is viewed positively by organisations such as the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted.

Charter status is in place for two years. After this time a re-evaluation exercise takes place for it to be renewed.

How to sign up

If you would like your organisation to gain charter status, you need to provide evidence against specific pledges of support that were developed with young carers. Schools, colleges and adult services are required to sign up to 13 pledges. Other organisations sign up to six pledges. To find out more or apply for charter status please contact Family Action: The Bridge Young Carers Services.

What support is available

Family Action: The Bridge Young Carers Services will support you to gain charter status. They deliver an awareness session outlining the following information:

  • an overview of the team
  • outline of the work they do
  • an awareness of what young carers face and what it is like to be a young carer
  • details on the requirements of meeting charter status

This can be delivered as a stand alone awareness session for your organisation or agency or to groups of individuals from different organisations.

By delivering the training in a group, it also allows you to learn from one another, and share best practice ideas of how to implement the charter within your organisation.

How can I use the charter?

A key requirement for the charter is organisations pledging to have young carers information readily available to staff and service users. To do this you are encouraged to create a notice board display. Information and posters can be provided for display on your noticeboards.

Chartered organisations are required to have young carers considered within their policies and procedures. The Bridge Young Carers Service can offer support in this area. They can share a draft Young Carers Policy can be shared, that you can amend to suit the style of your organisation and it's values.


You can contact Family Action: The Bridge Young Carers Services on 0191 383 2520 or email