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There are thousands of unpaid carers in County Durham providing care or support to a relative, neighbour or friend. Most people who are carers don't see themselves as carers, but as husbands, wives, partners, parents, sons, daughters, siblings or friends. Caring for someone can involve things like helping with their washing, dressing or eating, taking them to appointments or keeping them company when they feel alone. This website tells you about the support that is available for unpaid carers in County Durham.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Services offered by Durham County Carers Support and Family Action - The Bridge Young Carers Service may be affected by the current coronavirus restrictions. Please contact your service directly for more information:

  • Adult/parent carers - Durham County Carers Support 03000 051 213
  • Family Action - The Bridge Young Carers Service 0191 383 252

If you are an unpaid carer and are a main carer for someone at high risk from coronavirus, you can now book your Covid-19 vaccine through the NHS website: NHS Coronavirus vaccination.

Providing free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Covid-19 needs of unpaid carers

We understand and greatly value the support and services that unpaid carers have already provided to those they care for during the COVID pandemic.

If you are an unpaid carer who does not live with the person you care for, then you can request free PPE to support your caring role. Whilst it is not mandatory for unpaid carers to wear PPE, more recent clinical advice suggests it may be beneficial for unpaid carers who do not live with the person they care for to wear PPE.   

If you live in County Durham and you would like to access this free PPE, please email and include the words 'Unpaid Carer' in the subject bar.

Our PPE Customer Service Team will then send a simple form onto you to capture your order details and your delivery address. We will aim to deliver PPE out to you within 5 working days and we can provide enough PPE for a number of weeks.

Are you a carer

Carers may receive different support depending on the care they provide and who they care for. There are four main types of carer:

  • adult carers - if you are an adult who provides care for another adult who needs care and support, then you are an adult carer. Parents caring for their child who is over the age of 18 are also adult carers.
  • parent carers - if you look after your own child who has a disability and is under the age of 18, then you are a parent carer.
  • young adult carers - if you are aged 18 - 24 years and provide unpaid care, assistance or support to a family member who has care and support needs then you are a young adult carer.
  • young carers - if you are a child or young person under the age of 18 who looks after someone with care and support needs, for example, a parent, sibling or other relative, then you are a young carer.

How you can get help

If you need help or support in your caring role, visit our get a carer's assessment page, which tells you how to get your needs assessed.

If you live or are caring for someone in the Darlington area, information about support for carers can be found at Darlington Borough Council: caring for someone.